Earlier today, we reported on the fact that Donald Trump said: "if you buy a box of cereal—you have a voter ID." This is not true...yet. There's a chance that POTUS was hinting at a forthcoming executive order, where cereal will become subject to the same age restrictions as alcohol, tobacco and, in some states, marijuana. As one of the users of HNHH, MuNCiieZ, put it in the comments of the aforementioned article: "That's cool. Cereal is bad af for you anyway."

This statement rings true in a whole new way when you consider the new cereal that will be hitting shelves exclusively at Wal Mart on December 26th: Sour Patch Kids. Yes, there's nothing that seemed, until today, less likely to become a cereal than Sour Patch Kids. This means that the floodgates have been opened for just about anything, so it's a good thing the purchase will be regulated and we'll have to show our voter ID cards.

Lee Breslouer, of Thrillist, tried the cereal early and he describes the taste of the future:

the first bite felt familiar. There’s the crunch from a corn/wheat-based sugary breakfast cereal... but something was different! Holy moly, they nailed the sour flavors. And not in a bad way, because it’s also still very much a sugary cereal. The tagline for SPK is “Sour Then Sweet,” and this is it, chief. How the heck did they make cereal taste like this?!