A group of Texas State University students got the ultimate FIFA experience over the weekend when Chad Johnson rolled through to their apartment for an epic 10-hour FIFA binge in which he treated the crew to donuts and pizza. 

The unexpected FIFA marathon happened when Ochocinco sent out a tweet about a local Texas restaurant that he was about to try out, prompting Texas State sophomore, Brenden Pupi, to head over to the spot, hoping to meet the former NFL star.

According to reports;

"When we got there, they told us it was a 45-minute wait, but they told us 'the bar is open seating,'" Pupi said via phone on Tuesday. "We look over and he's sitting at the bar by himself. We talked to him for 30-45 minutes and he was so funny — real nice and polite."

"As Pupi and five others enjoyed their food and conversation with Johnson, Pupi asked if Johnson had time to play FIFA while he was in San Marcos. Johnson replied that he was about to leave to presumably beat one of Pupi's fellow Bobcats in FIFA at their apartment, but that he would re-connect with Pupi on Twitter to set up a gaming session before he left Texas."

The fellas waited but didn't hear back from Chad until Sunday morning when he slid into Pupi's DMs with a simple message, "Wake up, son." A few hours later he was at their apartment, challenging Pupi and all of his boys to games of FIFA for 10 hours straight.