You should all know by now that Charlamagne the God, the face of The Breakfast Club, does not hold back as an interviewer. The man is one of the most educated people when it comes to the entertainment and music industries, working in this business for years. He's likely conducted thousands of interviews in his career and, these days, he's not about to filter his thoughts. If he wants to ask about somebody's lazy eye, he's going to do so. If he feels like clowning you to your face, you better be able to take it. Last week, Forest Whitaker stepped into the room for his Breakfast Club interview and during the sit-down, questions about his eyelid kept coming up. The internet community is not entirely pleased with how Charla behaved with the actor.

The iconic actor has a condition called ptosis according to blog site HipHopLately, and Whitaker's fans are upset that Charlamagne would press him about the memes pertaining to his dropping eyelid. "Is it a condition?" asked the radio host on air. "Because after 11 PM my eye does the same thing. And I always say when it happens 'I'm looking a little Forest Whitakery right now.'"

People are saying that Charla was "disrespectful" and "rude" for mentioning the actor's eye. Do you agree or is it all fair game when you head to The Breakfast Club?