The View has become a pit-stop for rappers to further voice their opinions to a different audience. Recently, 2 Chainz stopped by the daytime talk show, today Chicago MC Chance the Rapper made an appearance on the program.

While sitting down with Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and the rest of the panel Chance was asked his thoughts on the recent act of vandalism taken out on LeBron James's Los Angeles home. Chance, whose name has become just as synonymous with activism as it has his music had this to say,

“It’s kind of a common pattern in America’s history, for people that look like me to get to a certain point of success people want to remind you how they view you as a second class citizen."

Chance went on to discuss his philanthropic work, and how the issues of violence in Chicago are a result of the city's history of segregation. Check out the full 8-minute segment.