The most recent episode of Sesame Street puts Chance the Rapper in a co-starring role opposite the Cookie Monster in a theater production crafted by the Tenessee Williams of our era, Elmo the Puppet. Watch as Chance the Rapper politely introduces himself to the Cookie Monster with a provision of "T is for Theater." Clearly in no mood to play a word game with the three-dimensional character, the Cookie Monster opts to break the ice with conversation centered around his salacious love for biscuits.

Thankfully, Elmo arrives on the scene before things can get any more awkward. Kudos to the costume dept, Elmo really looks the part of an auteur with his fanciful beret and clipboard to match. His direction are simple: let Chance hold one of your biscuits as a prop so he can complete his monologue. Unfortunately, the you in this scenario is a self-serving cookie fanatic with no intentions of sharing his snack food. Chance the Rapper, polite as ever, tried in vain to keep things in order, before the rehearsal devolves into a crumbly affair. 

Chance had been teasing this Sesame Street appearance back in December of 2017 by shooting a promo with Oscar the Grouch. Who would have thought, "Honestly, I'm just tired of people saying my music is trash?" would hold up in conversation with an actual trash can. Chance's appearance does little to mitigate the heat on Grover for his use of cuss language, on "live" TV.