One of the hottest tracks on Kanye West's The Life of Pablo is undoubtedly "Waves." Well guess what, there's an alternate version of "Waves," and it features Chance the Rapper.

Chance shared snippets from the alternate "Waves" on his Snapchat. He sings a simple, Fetty Wap-esque melody line over the chorus -- which is sung by someone other than Chris Brown, which would imply that this is an early draft of the track.

Chance the Rapper is having a monumental 2016 so far. He got his own Beats 1 show, crushed the shit out of "Ultralight Beam," is credited on five TLOP tracks, and killed it on SNL for the second time in three months.

Chance's Snapchat recently produced some highly promising snippets from his upcoming third mixtape. Watch clips of the alternate "Waves" below. Fire or nah?