Chance the Rapper joined Mal, Rory and host Joe Budden for the 185th episode of the appropriately-titled The Joe Budden Podcast. Historically-speaking.. well not so long actually, Chance the Rapper and Budden weren't exactly the best of friends. About a year ago, Chance spoke openly about his distaste for Joe Budden's way of critiquing music, let alone his music. In fact, it actually manifested on an episode of Everday Struggle, back when Budden was still a host.

“What the fuck is Chance doing?” Joe asked his co-host and mediator. “What is this style of music? Is this like Polk music? What the f*ck are these two n****s doing? And I love Daniel Caesar. No, Chance gotta stop. I see what Chance is doing. Enough."

The hyperbolic language Budden used in describing Chance's Polk persona, managed to find Chance on the receiving end, rubbing him the wrong way. The ever-so-polite Chance spoke of Budden's criticism in an interview with childhood friend Robyn Neal, ending things rather diplomatically in stating that he still "f*cked with Budden" and furthermore understood his media position.

Then out of nowhere, it was announced that Chance would be joining Budden and his associated on The Joe Budden Podcast, spelling what seemed to be the end of their mild feud. The 2-hour segment commences with Joe Budden promising to play Chance a gospel record of his choosing.

Budden even praises Chance's input on Kanye West's Life of Pablo, essentially everything but three songs. Also worth noting, Chance said him and Kanye haven't begun working on their collaborative effort Good Ass Job, contrary to what we were led to believe all of last month.

Listen below: