Ever since Chance the Rapper's release Coloring Book transformed from a free Soundcloud project into an industry-altering work that earned the rapper a Grammy award and worldwide recognition, the large fan base he has acquired continues to anxiously wait for a proper debut or follow-up to this masterful album. Between his extensive touring schedule, his feature work that included a piece of DJ Khaled's hit "I'm The One" and his various charitable endeavors, there hasn't been a ton of downtime for Chance to get into the studio and pop off a bunch of new tracks. However, he may have teased something fresh out the kitchen for us and let me be the first to say: it's vibing hard.

Chance the Rapper used his official Instagram page to post a video teasing an unreleased piece of music, which showcases his rapping skills over-top of a dope retro beat, courtesy of Soul for Real's 1990's hit "Everything I Do." Chance is clearly having a good time bouncing to his new creation as well, laying down some positive energy that could be a switch from his moodier, atmospheric approach that permeated most of Coloring Book. In the end, there's no confirmation that this yet-to-be-titled song will even be part of his rumored upcoming album, but taken in the context of the video, where's he's decked out in some baby blue Champion gear and a retro hat to match, Chance evokes the style of a bygone era that, honestly, he'd fit right into.

Speaking of his new music, let's get to the meat of what we do know. Chance has already confirmed on Twitter that, after hanging with and befriending Gen X guitar heartthrob John Mayer, the two will be collaborating on something in the near future. However, the splashier headline came from the same social media platform, but about a different artist, when Bruno Mars named Chance as the person he'd most like to work that he hasn't already. The Chicago native quickly provided an enthusiastic response, saying he's already got choreography ideas on his mind. I can't wait to see those, as well as the finished version of this teased song.