Late last week, director Spike Lee was in Chicago at Northwestern University where he hosted a screening & Q&A for his new independent film “Chiraq.” Well during his time with the students, Spike decided to brush people the wrong way when he called out local music hero, Chance The Rapper, for being a “fraud” because of his father's close ties with the Mayor. Spike then also went on to mock King Louie for getting shot in the head back in December, which Louie has since responded to on twitter (see here).

Of course, Spike calling out Chance in his hometown didn’t go unnoticed by the Save Money rapper though. On Tuesday afternoon, Chance decided to respond to Spike’s comments on twitter, calling him a “liar” and "lame," before admitting he has audio of Spike begging him to be in the film. If what Chance is saying is indeed true, looks like he’ll definitely get the last laugh with this little beef.

Check out Chance’s tweets below.