Chance The Rapper seemingly had all the time in the world to clap back at a former fan who expressed their distaste for the rapper's new music. By the looks of it, things really got heated when a Twitter user called Chance out for letting his ego get in the way of how he responds to criticism. Chance didn't care too much about the user's explanation of things and just replied with, "eat a dick."

Things didn't stop there, though. After the user, who goes by Chris, called Chance out again, the "Same Drugs" rapper called Chris a "spoiled child" who thinks he's is making music just for him. 

Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

"You’re a spoiled child who thinks artists are making music for you. I never intended for you to find or like anything I made. If I knew you existed, I would’ve tried my hardest to keep you from being able to enjoy it. Now go eat a dick again," he wrote

Chris responded by trying to add some clarity to the situation, explaining how he didn't say whether Chance's music was "good or bad."

"I said you treat your fans poorly. You're supposed to be a role model but you're out here telling people to eat dicks for offering you criticism. SMH," he added. 

Chance didn't seem to care and told Chris to once again, "eat a dick."