Chance The Rapper may be a man of peace, but there are a few things he simply will not stand for. Today, Chano took umbrage with an editorial penned on DJ Booth, based on comments made by Apple Music's Carl Chery.

The basic premise of the post, which you can check out right here, surrounds Chance's independence, and the difficulty young artists have in trying to emulate the Acid Rap artist's career trajectory. For some context, check out a sample from the piece:

We must also take into consideration that the definition of "independence" has completely changed over the past half-decade. Since before he released his acclaimed Acid Rap mixtape, Chance has been repped by Cara Lewis, the most powerful booking agent in the industry. Does Lewis' representation of Chance mean that he isn't truly independent? Depending on who you ask, the answer will differ—we know, we did it earlier this year—but either way, Chance doesn't owe anyone an apology for his success. He should be allowed to talk about leading the independent artist charge while knowing full well that the level of success he has achieved isn't realistic for everyone. 

And while DJ Booth certainly penned a thought-provoking piece, the content did not sit well with Chance. Chano took to Twitter to call out both DJ Booth and Carl Chery over the article, which led to a bit of a back and forth:

As of now, the discussion seems to have reached a standstill. Either way, it's an entertaining back and forth, and it seems to have succeeded in raising a debate. Chance certainly seems to believe in the power of the artist, and it's cool to see him standing up for a cause he believes in. What do ya'll think?