Despite Chance The Rapper's continuous efforts to push positive messages of hope and light, someone always has something to say about him. For the most part, he's one of the few rappers who's steered clear of any rap feuds. Joe Budden shared a laugh with his co-hosts on "Everyday Struggle" after he claimed that Chance's recent single, "First World Problems" featuring Daniel Caesar was "too positive." Chance later threw some very subtle shade at Joe Budden during an interview while addressing Budden's comments on the song. It was merely a quick brush off the shoulders for Chance but he recently decided to throw another shot at the "Mood Muzik" rapper.

During a recent live performance at Lost Lake Festival in Phoenix, Chance fired a more direct shot at Joe Budden. The rapper was on stage, freestyling when he rapped, "I might fire Joe Budden." Of course, you could expect that the crowd went wild after he dropped that bar. This comes shortly after Budden responded to Chance's interview. On an episode of Everyday Struggle, Budden said that he's willing to expose Chance The Rapper and offer receipts to the things he's been "lying about." He said that Chance's comments weren't necessarily towards his feelings about the song but rather, the conversation that he's had pertaining to being an independent artist. "When you attack me and my credibility, you’re going to force me to take the mask off of you," Budden said.

It's interesting to see Chance actually respond to Joe Budden's claims considering the amount of success that he's been receiving. This past Friday, it was reported that Chance the Rapper made his debut on the Billboard's Rock Airplay charts for his feature on Francis and The Lights' song "May I Have This Dance." Along with that, he also revealed that he'll headline the Obama Foundation Summit along with the Nationals and Gloria Estefan. He'll also be curating the rest of the line-up, as well.  

Check out the clip below: