Chance The Rapper is set to hit the big screen in the upcoming movie Slice. 

Remember that game you played on the computer when you were a kid, and you had to keep the BMX rider from falling between the cracks by hitting your space bar everytime he needed to jump? Well the new trailer that sees Chance, alongside Atlanta's Zazie Beetz and comedian Paul Scheer, mocks that game entirely. 

In just over one-minute we see a little stick figure on a mo-ped dodging holes and cracks in his path as different clips from the film appear in a variety of shapes. Indiewire reports the genre will fall under horror film, and by the looks of the clip, it appears to be true. The trailer ends with a release date in 2018 and will be directed by Austin Vesely. Watch the trailer below.

The "Cocoa Butter Kisses" rapper is no newbie to the film world. Chance starred in a VICE film titled Mr. Happy that revolved around a 23-year-old who was depressed and wanted to end his life but opted for an online service to do it for him.

In music news, the 24-year-old is set to host the November 18th taping of Saturday Night Live. He'll be leading the episode as Eminem takes the stage for a live performance. Maybe Chance will also throw in a little song and dance, as fans are seemingly curious what was cookin' in a recent studio sesh that saw the young rapper bouncing to a beat with Childish Gambino, Quavo and Little Yachty in the same room.

In another Instagram post by 2 Chainz, we saw the duo locked to a computer screen, clearly working on something. With all the artists that Chance has been surrounding himself with, not to mention his recent lunch with his "mentors"Kanye West and Dave Chapelle, some new beats are bound to arise soon and surely they will be fire.