If there's one thing the world knows about Chance The Rapper it's that he's family-oriented. Chance recently announced that he would be taking paternity leave, making him quite possibly the first rapper to ever formally do so. The proclamation was a disappointment for fans as the rapper had to push back his tour dates, but he promised he'd be back on the road as soon as he made sure his newborn was all settled in at home

On Tuesday, Chance visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! and in the audience was Chance's brother Taylor and their father, Ken Bennett. During his interview, Chance revealed that his father made an appearance on his latest album The Big Day on the song "Eternal." "My dad plays the flute, so my dad played on one of my records and they say he wrote on it, but he didn't do the lyrics," Chance said before he saw that his dad was being given a microphone. "Are you about to sing?" the rapper joked. "What is going on right now?" After the punchlines ended, Chance explained that it was his father's encouragement that helped shape him into the artist he is today.

"My dad, since I was really young, my dad helped me start my whole rapping thing. That's why I'm not independent now. My dad started my t-shirt business. My dad rented out Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago which is a bad club in Chicago," he said before apologizing for saying "sh*tty." "He set me up in a lot of ways and gave me the confidence to do it so it was cool that he was actually on the track when we made the album." Check out Chance's Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance below and check out what else he had to say about his new baby and adding stand-up comedian to his list of job skills.