A lot to unpack from Chance the Rapper's new interview with Zane Lowe.

Much like Coloring Book, the hour-long interview lived up to lofty expectations. Chance spoke on a variety of topics in depth including collaborations with Kanye West, his spiritual life, and his relationship with the music industry.

The undisputed highlight of the interview came at the 20:45 mark, when Chance shared the original demos of Kanye's "Waves and "Famous" (which was originally titled "Nina Chop"). He touched on his transformation from Kanye's fan to Kanye's friend and explained how the two of them made Coloring Book leadoff track "All We Got."

Lowe spent a substantial portion of the interview asking Chance about his views of the music industry."I don't agree with the way labels are set up. I don't agree that anyone should sign 360 deals, or sign away their publishing, or take most of the infrastructure that's included in a formal deal," he said. "I've learned not to be like fuck this company or fuck that company, even though a lot of those people tried to make it really hard for me to release my project."

The cherry on top? Chance teased a possible mixtape with Jay Electronica and said that his elusive tape with Childish Gambino "will come out."

Listen the full interview below.