Chanel West Coast clearly took a hit to her ego when she was denied entry to a seemingly poppin' spot in Los Angeles last night.

In a new video courtesy of TMZ, the "Waves" rapper is seen straight losing her mind after the bouncer does not allow her to jump the line and get in the club. At the start of the video, you can hear the bouncer telling Chanel to "go home" and that he'll only let two of her group members go in. She tries to explain how she's with six girls and she's been waiting a while. The security guard doesn't care where Chanel calls him a "big ass motherfucker" who looks "like a motherfuckin' actor that died." 

Her crew, who includes from Black Eyed Peas, tries to pull her away from the doorman, but she doesn't stop at going off. 

"[I'm] way too poppin' to fuckin' wait to get in," you see her yell in the video before trailing off and coming back. "Ya'll think you the shit. That's why you security, you'll never be more than security weak ass bitch. Security loves to hold down whoever the fuck they can because they insecure about their own life, wish you could be a little white girl rapping, bitch. You wish you could spit bars like me."

Just when you think she's calmed down and is planning on heading out from the scene, an onlooker yells to one of her homies who's rocking the same colourful dreads as Lil Pump and asks if it is Lil Pump himself.

"Lil Pump is not black. If one more motherfucka asks if he's Lil Pump ya'll racist. Lil Pump is not black...he's black. So don't fucking ask him if he's Lil Pump. Ya'll racist and stupid."

Watch the full video of below.