You may recall the brief, yet somewhat amusing beef between Logic and Charlamagne Tha God, which blossomed after the former blasted the latter on Wax. "I don't do the Breakfast Club 'cause Charlamagne is shameless, that's the only one I leave out when I run my bases," rapped Logic, on "Clickbait." "Do your research 'fore you call somebody homophobic, you make a living off of controversy and you know it." The lyrical attack prompted Charla to clap back with the weapon of mass destruction: Donkey Of The Day.  

Apparently, the fallout from procuring the "biggest hee-haw" did not sit well with Logic. During an appearance on the Pizza And Chill podcast, Charlamagne revealed that Logic had quietly canceled his entire New York press run (around the 1:17:28 mark). "That's what I was told," says Charlamagne, after revealing Logic was canceled his entire New York press run. "He was supposed to do press in New York all this week," says Tha God.

"He was supposed to do Today Show, Elvis Duran, he was doing Angie Martinez, he was doing Genius with my man Rob Markman. I don't know. He was doing a lot of things in New York but he canceled his whole press run, which I thought was stupid." Host Lisa Ramos suggests that Bobby's cancelation was a means of crying out for attention, but Charlamagne doesn't seem convinced. "He didn't announce it," he shrugs. 

It's unclear whether Logic will take the bait and offer up his own take, but should Charlamagne's words ring true, it's certainly a curious decision on Bobby's behalf. Could the sting of "Donkey Of The Day" truly be so fierce? Perhaps, though only one on the receiving end of the dubious honor can attest. As for now, Logic is likely keeping busy before his Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind Tour this October, though it's unlikely he'll be hitting New York anytime soon. Hopefully, he opts to keep his Brooklyn date intact.