Eminem shocked the world earlier today with the release of his surprise new album, Kamikaze. His latest project seemingly serves as a response to everyone who shit on his last album, Revival. In all honesty, this is the first time in over 10 years that we've heard Eminem rap at the level of some of his older work. In addition, Eminem got back on his trolling tip and calling people out by name on his new project. One person who was at the receiving end was Charlamagne Tha God but the Breakfast Club host is the furthest thing from mad about it.

After Charlamagne's Twitter feed alerted him on the Eminem's disses towards him, he spoke to Esquire about his thoughts on the song. Em bucked shots at Charlamagne on two songs, "The Ringer" and "Fall." However, Charlamagne is happy for two reasons. One, Em called him out by names. Two, the fact that Chingy isn't dissing him.

"It's always cool when you get immortalized on records," he said. "I am just happy that I have gotten to the level where rappers who can actually rap say my name in records, regardless if it's a diss or not. Early in my career, I was only being dissed by Chingy. Now I'm being dissed by Eminem. Life is great."

Charlamagne also chimed in on Em's use of homophobic slurs on Kamikaze towards Tyler, The Creator.

"Well, here's the thing about freedom of speech, you have the freedom to say what you want, but people are free to be offended—and I'm sure they will be about this line — but he's actually quoting something Tyler said about himself." He said, "Eminem has to understand when he calls Tyler that he's not just throwing a shot at Tyler, he's throwing a shot at millions of gay people around the globe. But I don't think he cares."