Last night's Love & Hip Hop New York reunion got spicy after Rich Dollaz attempted to leap across a table at Safaree Samuels. The two got into it after Rich was asked about Erica Mena, Safaree's fiancé and former LHHNY cast member, who used to date Rich many years ago. The argument spilled over backstage, but Safaree seemed unbothered as he teased Rich about his wardrobe and egged on his anger.

It didn't seem as if Rich was looking for a fight considering he'd been quite clear that he has no feelings for Mena, nor does he have a problem with her and Safaree being together. He just thought that since he'd previously asked Safaree if he was dating Mena and Safaree denied it, it was a tad disrespectful and unnecessary to lie.

Following the LHHNY squabble between the two men, Rich has been catching heat for his response to Safaree on the reunion. Mena reportedly shared a video on her Instagram story of Safaree's sister mocking Rich's recent reunion moment. "Look at me I’m running, please don’t hit me, somebody’s coming,” Samuels’ sister sarcastically said in the video. "Security’s not gonna stop us, oh my god.” Mena could be heard laughing in the background.

Not to let this moment fade too quickly, Charlamagne Tha God of The Breakfast Club made Rich his "Donkey of the Day," saying that the reality star is too old to be jumping on tables for ratings. "Knock this monkey stuff off, you're embarrassing us," Charlamagne said. "You are 41-years-old. You are way too grown to be fake flexing on reality TV. Safaree is absolutely right. You were performing for the cameras. You would not be acting like that if there wasn't 100 security guard in 20 feet in-between y'all."

"If you was 20-something-years-old Rich, I'd be like, 'Whatever, do your thing,' but bruh," Charlamagne continued. "You're 41. You are a whole grown ass man. Rich Dollaz, you have too many wrinkles on your forehead to be acting like that on TV. You know how you can count the wrinkles in a tree to see how old he is? You can count the wrinkles in Rich Dollaz forehead to see how old he is. From the top of his eyebrows to the bottom of his hairline, there's 41 wrinkles."