Charlamagne Tha God likes to cause discomfort through serious discussions as well as comedic commentary. While he urges his following to reflect on important issues with profound content like his book about mental health, the radio personality also has a tendency for trolling on social media. One of his recent uploads to Instagram has people in his comments section going wild.

The Shook One author posted a meme containing two side-by-side photos of women in bathing suits. One features a dark skin baddie, flaunting her curves and the other shows a tan-less woman minding her own business. The caption is meant to compare both women's physical fitness: "This is the cause of racism in the world."

Charlamagne's own caption acknowledges his anticipation for reactions steeped in racially-fueled anger.

"I’m a come back to this post in a hour to see who did it trigger. In the meantime"

Some took the post in jest, responding with statements like "it will only trigger the cheekless." Other social media users threw themselves in serious debate. According to some commenters, the post encourages racism further. While the meme is definitely polarizing in terms of its intent, it does point to the fact that differences in physiognomy have been used to justify racist ideology, including slavery.