It was all good just a week ago when it was reported that The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne Tha God had been seen hanging out with Kanye West at his offices in Calabasas, California. Fans speculated what the two of them had planned, and got even more excited for Kanye's upcoming album. But then the Trump tweets happened, and in an instant Kanye West had the entire rap world on its head. 

The Breakfast Club is partially known for their popular "Donkey of the Day" segment, in which they proceed to point out the stupid actions of a particular individual and roast them for it. The expected target this morning was obviously Kanye, after having posted a series of tweets defending his stance on Trump and making public appearances in the famous bright-red "MAGA" hat. 

Instead, Charlamagne focused the ire onto himself, as he acknowledged that he was privy to certain information that no one else is yet, but is choosing to withhold it until the full interview he did with Kanye in California was ready. We learned about this interview yesterday, when Kanye made its existence known, but Charlamagne ensures the listeners that, while the interview may not make you forgive Kanye, it will help everyone understand his thoughts a bit more. 

Charlamagne disagrees with everything Kanye has said about Donald Trump, but also says that the community places too much faith in black entertainers to act as figureheads for the community. Additionally, he says that the interview will hopefully be released before the upcoming Avengers movie. 

Check out the whole segment down below.