By now, everybody is aware of Bill Cosby's legal saga, which will culminate with the comedian standing trial for sexual assault charges against Andrea Constand. While the verdict has yet to drop, over the course of the past few years the media have been vocal in both reviling, and sometimes (though less often) defending Cosby. Today, Cosby's daughters Ensa and Erinn reached out to Power 105's Charlamagne The God for an exclusive statement. 

Apparently, the Cosby daughters are avid listeners of The Breakfast Club, and the radio station played both audio statements in full. "I believe that racism has played a big role in all aspects of this scandal," says Ensa, who praises her father as a caring and loving philanthropist. Erinn slams the media coverage of the Cosby case, stating "what my father and family had to endure these last few years makes me ashamed of our country today. I cannot understand how our society has permitted my father to be condemned so unjustly and cruelly in the court of public opinion, without evidence or proof and with no verdict or judgment."

 Charlamagne makes it clear he agrees with the Cosby daughter's sentiment, pointing out that while he's not going to discredit the allegations of the alleged victims, nor will he immediately discredit Bill Cosby's innocence. "I think it's very dangerous to allow people to be tried in the court of public opinion," says Tha God.