Earlier this month, Charlamagne Tha God was under fire after old sexual assault claims against him resurfaced. Although he vehemently denied the accusations, the woman who accused him petitioned to get the case reopened and brought to a higher court, which has been unsuccessful so far. The D.A. said that he must honor the plea deal that was struck years a go. However, Charlamagne's accuser's fight to get the case re-open is looking highly unlikely right now.

Charlamagne Tha God's DNA was no where to be found in his accuser's rape kit, The Blast reports. Jessica Reid was administered a rape kit when she was 15 years old after she accused Charlamagne of raping her. According to court documents which include the Forensic Services Labratory Report, there's no evidence of semen that was found inside Reid from an oral, vaginal and rectal swab. In addition, she also tested the material that were underneath her fingernails which ultimately determined that there was "Nothing of apparent serological evidentiary value."

At this point, it looks like Jessica Reid's chances of having the case reopened is incredibly slim. She initially stated that she wanted "closure" and requested DNA samples from the 2001 case that Charlamagne provided. She said that the results of his blood work was never revealed and her family said they believe that would help their case.