Last night, Soulja Boy got himself trending on social media for calling out Quavo, releasing a diss track, and posting a video of himself toting heavy artillery while listening to said track, which he titled "Beef." For last night's antics, Soulja Boy earned himself the title of "Donkey of the Day," as he was today's focus of Charlamagne's daily sermons on stupidity. Charlamagne began the segment by defining the word "coon," which he says is "someone who is in entertainment, usually an actor or actress, who takes roles that stereotypically reinforce the negative stereotypes of black people." 

"By that definition," he continues, "there is no bigger coon in hip-hop than Soulja Boy Tell Em." 

Charlamagne reprimands Soulja for his "thumb thuggin'," "digital death threats," "cyber crippin'," and "broadband bloodin'." He plays a clip of Soulja Boy's "Beef," and says, "Yes, that's Soulja Boy using the Migos' whole flow to diss Quavo." 

"All you're telling the universe is," he warns Soulja, "I wanna get shot, or I wanna shoot somebody, or I wanna go to jail." He reminds the 26-year-old rapper that one of these days someone is actually gonna engage him in a shootout, or more likely, that he'll shoot himself or a loved one when he's "dancing with a pistol, and you hit the dab the wrong way." 

"When the police show up at your door," says Charlamagne, noting that law enforcement has access to social media, "don't get online talkin' about somebody's snitchin' because all you did was snitch on yourself." Charlamagne also pities Soulja's threatening response to actor Shia LaBeouf (who mentioned him in a freestyle primarily aimed at Lil Yachty), and jokes that he's having a crisis of identities, wanting to be both a thug and an IG model; "Soulja Boy don't know if he wanna be Gucci Mane or Bernice Burgos." 

Unsurprisingly, Soulja Boy has heard Charlamagne's "Donkey of the Day" roast. He posted a video of him listening to the segment, and he seems highly amused, thanking Charlamagne for playing a snippet of his song on the radio. Strangely enough, he then shouted out Charlamagne and wrote, "... much love big bro. I don't take the perception. It's all fun and entertainment with me." 

He then pressed Charlamagne for an interview on The Breakfast Club, promising to shed light on the context of all the beefs he's been involved in and to confirm that all of his Instagram gunplay is, in fact, legal. It looks like The Breakfast Club staff is on board.