On this today's taping of ESPN's morning show "Mike & Mike," Charles Barkley was asked about- what else- LaVar Ball, and if he was starting to become a distraction for his son Lonzo.

Barkley completely dismissed that part of the question and went right into LaVar's claims that he would've killed Michael Jordan in a 1-on-1 in his heyday. 

The Round Mound of Rebound made it clear that he's in no shape to play competitive hoops but if it's against the loudmouth LaVar, he'd be willing to lace 'em up.


"Once I found out he averaged two points a game [in college]. ... Listen, you need to slow your roll," Barkley said of Ball. "He says I didn't win a championship. I said to myself, 'I need to go back and Google this guy, because maybe I missed the Ball era, when he was dominating and winning championships everywhere else.' Listen, I'm too old and fat to play basketball, but I'll challenge Mr. Ball to a one-on-one. How about that?

"I don't even know how old he is -- he's got to be around my age -- but no guy who averaged two points a game can beat me at one-on-one. I'm positive of that."

As it turns out, LaVar Ball appeared on SportsCenter Coast to Coast shortly after Barkley's comments and this was his response to the 1-on-1 challenge.

"He wants to play one-and-one and all this, and he says I averaged two points, 'Who cares?'" Ball said. "... I know he don't want to play one-on-one because he's too big. He better stay behind that TNT thing ... and eat them doughnuts."

"He's not my favorite player now. Not because I don't like him. It's because my boys are my favorite players now," Ball said. "He'll be all right, though. ... I'll send him some Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and he'll be my friend again."

Anyone trying to see this go down during the Final Four weekend?