We are halfway through the season and the Los Angeles Lakers are currently clinging on to one of the last playoff spots in the Western Conference, all while posting a record of 22-23. The team's performance has simply not been up to snuff as of late, and players like Russell Westbrook are shouldering much of the blame. Even the team's head coach Frank Vogel has been put under the microscope as it is believed that he could lose his job soon.

Charles Barkley is not standing for any of this, and last night on TNT, he let his feelings be known. Barkley straight-up called the Lakers a bunch of "wussies," all while lacing into the management team for letting the Lakers devolve into such a pathetic mess.

Charles Barkley

Dylan Buell/Getty Images for The Match

"The Lakers are such wussies and I only say wussies because I can't say the word I want to say," Barkley said. "The way they have tried to throw Frank Vogel and Russell Westbrook under the bus is really pissing me off. [...]  I'm not going to sit at like all these clowns on other networks that got they heads up the Lakers booties. The people up top who put that trash together are running and hiding like cowards. You put all them old geezers out there. The best guy, other than LeBron, for the last month has been who? Stanley Johnson."

Barkley understands that the Lakers are a franchise with lofty expectations, and these latest results simply do not cut it. Not to mention, Barkley is old school in his mentality, and the Lakers are the antithesis to that philosophy right now.

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