Ever since he entered the NBA in 2003, LeBron James has been compared to Michael Jordan. There are many young fans out there who think LeBron is the GOAT while others seem to think that MJ is the undisputed greatest of all time. Thanks to "The Last Dance" documentary, the MJ-LeBron comparisons have ramped up and have become an unhealthy obsession for many people.

In a recent interview, Charles Barkley attempted to shut these comparisons down as he spoke on LeBron and who he should really be likened to. As he explains, Magic Johnson is a better comparison while Kobe Bryant is the man who is closer to MJ.

“In my opinion, Michael the GOAT,” Barkley told "The Lefkoe Show." “And LeBron, to me, I’ve always said he’s closer to Magic Johnson than he is to Michael. I ain’t never gonna say anything bad about LeBron James, but the closest to Michael I’ve ever seen was Kobe. And what I mean by that is a guy who has a singular vision, like, I just want to win. I’m not worried what my teammates think. I’m not worried about what the coach think. I just want to win.”

Barkley's opinion shouldn't come as much of a shock to anyone although if you're a LeBron fan, you might get just a little defensive. Hopefully, we can all get along on this topic someday.