News of Lebron James inking a deal with Warner Bros. left fans speculating the obvious - the return of Space Jam in the form of a sequel. Reports from Hype even speculated that a teaser for the film will be dropping soon on IGTV that will also reveal Lebron's anticipated team of choice. Well, the movie news may be exciting for some, but Charles Barkley thinks otherwise. 

Space Jam 1 was a classic,” he told Entertainment Tonight at Monday’s 2018 NBA Awards. “I don’t like when people try to imitate something that was already good.” Charles further explained how Lebron should be in front of the camera if he likes the movie as much as he claims he does.

“Hey, I know LeBron -- if he really liked it, he would have been in the movie instead of executive producing,” he said. “I'd executive produce number two, but I don’t want to be in it.”

In other Lebron basketball news, we posted on reports that the Cleveland Cavs player has until June 29th to make his final decision on whether he will be a free agent this summer or if he will opt into the final year of his contract, that would pay him $35.6 million next season. "Everybody will be on holiday on July 4. It will be over by then," ESPN's Brian Windhorst said.