By now, you have probably seen the infamous Netflix docuseries, "Tiger King." The show follows the exploits of Joe Exotic who is a zookeeper at a zoo for big cats. He has an archnemesis named Carole Baskin and the two have a pretty bitter feud. Well, at one point in the show, we actually get to see NBA legend Shaq. Shaq is a big fan of tigers and while traveling through Oklahoma, he decided to stop by Exotic's zoo.

Following the documentary, Shaq got quite a bit of flack for his appearance as some felt like he was aiding the exploitation of tigers. Shaq has been adamant that he has no relation to exotic although that didn't stop Charles Barkley from roasting him on the latest Inside The NBA reunion show. As you can see in the clip below, Chuck had Shaq shook with incessant questions about his time with Joe Exotic.

Shaq eventually noted that he has never had a tiger in his possession and that he simply likes to make donations for the benefit of all of the animals. Regardless, that didn't stop Chuck from making some funny quips at Shaq's expense. Lord only knows Shaq has done it to Barkley, numerous times.

If you've seen "Tiger King," you would know that Shaq won't be visiting Joe Exotic anytime soon. With this in mind, perhaps the jokes will begin to die down.