Steph Curry is a three-time NBA Champion. He's been awarded the MVP title twice, and is also a 5x All-Star. He's been the league leader in three-point shooting fives times. Curry holds all top three spots for most three-pointers made in a season as well (for separate seasons, of course). With all those facts on the table, Charles Barkley still doesn't think Steph is a top-four player in the NBA. 

TMZ Sports caught up with the NBA veteran, and asked him who he would put in his top list of players right now. "I think LeBron's the best player in the league," he stated. That isn't much of a controversial statement. The rest of his list is debatable though. In order, he then names Kawhi Leonard as number two, Kevin Durant as number three, and Giannis Antetokounmpo as his fourth. Barkley does say that they are all around the same level of skill though, which means he isn't really differentiating their assigned ranking numbers. "I love Steph, but he's not with those guys," states Barkley when he's questioned on how he feels about Curry. Steph is "with those guys" though, as far as accolades go. Curry has proved himself, without a superteam, and continues to be integral to Golden State's record.