Just when you thought that everything had been resolved in the awkward incident between New York Knicks great Charles Oakley and Knicks owner James Dolan, Oakley doubles down on the beef. Despite the ban on Charles Oakley being lifted, he clearly feels some type of way about his former boss.

During a phone interview with Sports Illustrated, Oakley was asked about Draymond Green’s comments that Dolan has a “slave master mentality.” His response was not designed to generate goodwill between the two estranged parties. He wouldn’t fully commit to Draymond’s description (which Green has since apologized for), but he went on to say that the situation is going “end up happening like what happened with the L.A. Clippers.”

For those with short memories, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was forcibly removed from his position after privately recorded audio of him saying disparaging things about African Americans were leaked onto the internet. Oakley is not making the comparison lightly, responding “he’s on the level” when asked if he thinks James Dolan is a racist.

The ban on Charles Oakley might be lifted at Madison Square Garden, but he probably won’t be visiting the owner’s box anytime soon. Listen to the whole interview below.