Few albums have been more anticipated this year than Drake’s Views From the 6. The Toronto rapper takes a ton of pride and inspiration from his hometown, so we’re going to take you on a journey through our own Views From the 6.

With a city as large as Toronto, there are a ton of Views to choose from. Whether it’s from the top of the iconic CN Tower, or simply strolling through one of Toronto’s many parks, it’s easy to see how Drake could be inspired enough to write a whole album about the different views that Toronto offers. Take a drive out to the suburb of Forest Hills to see some Views that Drake had during his childhood growing up there.

Drake’s condo in Toronto recently sold for $4.2 million, that View is pretty awesome. If you're lucky, you can glimpse a View of Demar DeRozan and the Toronto Raptors taking flight at the Air Canada Centre.  If you're wealthy enough to get out on a boat like Drake, you can even get a View of Toronto’s picturesque skyline.

Click through the image gallery and be sure to call out your favorite View From The 6 in the comment section.