Until this week, Chelsea Handler was always bragging about the fact that she has dated 50 Cent, referring to the rap legend as her "favorite ex-boyfriend". Unfortunately, because of his newfound political alignment, she's no longer going to be boasting about his status at the top of her "former lovers" list.

On Monday, 50 Cent surprised his fans when he endorsed President Donald Trump for a second term, citing Biden's tax plan as the reason why he was voting Trump. Noting that he would rather move out of the U.S. than take a 62% tax hike, which is only being proposed for the ultra-wealthy, Fiddy chose personal income over systemic racism, the health of the nation, and serious environmental concerns, causing many to disassociate with the rap legend. 

Chelsea Handler is one of the people that are no longer rocking with Fiddy after this.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

"You used to be my favorite ex-boyfriend," wrote the comedian on Twitter, replying to his joke that he would only be "20 Cent" if Biden wins the election.

Handler stands firmly against Trump, and she believes that he has put the nation in danger through his leadership. One of her recent tweets calls for him to be arrested.

Regardless of what 50 Cent says, it should be clear who to vote for next month.