Chet Hanks is the son of famous actor Tom Hanks although you wouldn't exactly guess that if you followed his internet persona closely. Hanks has been getting into influencer territory as of late and he has absolutely no problem engaging in internet beef when he feels like the time for it might be right. 

For example, Hanks was recently on No Jumper with Adam 22, where Adam asked Hanks if he would ever take part in a boxing match. Hanks said he would be down and even noted that he would love to fight DJ Vlad from Vlad TV. As Hanks explained, Vlad has been throwing shade at Chet for a while now, and the social media star is sick of the slander.

DJ Vlad

Prince Williams/FilmMagic/Getty Images

"I'd beat the shit out of Vlad," Hanks said. "That dude's a weirdo and I'd definitely beat the fuck out of him. He definitely doesn't want to fight me. He's so butthurt about me. He brings my name up in situations that have nothing to do with me. He can't let it go."

Based on the clip below, the beef stems from all the way back in 2014 when Hanks was supposed to do an interview with Vlad. In the end, Hanks got cold feet and decided to call it off which ended up angering Vlad. According to Hanks, Vlad has yet to let this go and continues to disparage him at every single opportunity.

For now, a fight between Vlad and Hanks seems unlikely, but you can't help but imagine how it would all go down.