Chick-Fil-A is bringing back their fish sandwich just in time for Lent. The company announced that they'll be bringing back cod options to their menu throughout the religious event. 

Beginning on March 6th, cod sandwiches will be offered at select Chick-Fil-A locations across America. They're also offering boxed two- and three-count fish entrees with fries as well. The fish options will be offered at Chick-Fil-A locations starting today until April 20th

Chick-Fil-A's pescatarian options became a cult favorite over the years with many of their customers who don't observe the religious holiday looking forward to its addition. Chick-Fil-A first offered the fish option back in 2015. 

McDonald's began offering their own lent option in the 1960s with the Filet-O-Fish. The sandwich has since become a staple on McDonald's menu. 

Chick-Fil-A's fish addition due to Lent doesn't come as much of a surprise. The CEO of the company has previously been accused of homophobia after he donated to money to Christian foundation who've taken on an anti-LGBTQ stance.

It was recently announced that a dean at a New Jersey college resigned from her position after the school decided against bringing Chick-Fil-A to the campus due to the allegations of homophobia. Rider University sent out a survey to students asking them which restaurant they wanted to bring to the campus. They took off Chick-Fil-A because of the restaurant's opposition to the LGBTQ community which they said doesn't align with their values. The former dean of the university said it "felt like a punch in the stomach when I read that." Clearly, Chick-Fil-A's chicken sandwiches come second to God for her.