McDonald's, Wendy's and other fast-food chains are always looking for new ways to shape up their menu. With endless possibilities existing in the kitchen, it can't be too hard for these restaurants to come up with new and exciting flavors for us to try out. One chain that isn't particularly into change (or many other things, for that matter...) is Chick-fil-A. The chicken gods have bestowed Chick-fil-A with the comfort of not needing to shake things up on their menu all too often. For years, things have remained constant over there but even they have decided to embrace a new product: mac and cheese.

The American classic comfort food has officially been added to the permanent menu at Chick-fil-A, leaving many to wonder if it's worth the hype. According to NBC, this is the first time the Atlanta-based restaurant has added a new side to their menu since 2016. Amanda Norris, the head of menu and packaging for the chicken joint, explained why they rarely add new things to their stores in a statement. "We have a very high bar when it comes to adding a menu item, but the feedback from our customers in the test markets made this decision easy," she said. 

Mac and cheese will be available at Chick-fil-A starting today. The chain is also rolling out Frosted Caramel Coffee for a limited time, serving the beverage until November (or until quantities last.)