We're not sure what to make of this one. On Friday, for reasons unknown, Chief Keef posted an address to a Minneapolis home on Twitter, asking his followers to "throw eggs and shit in a bag and rocks and all that at this address Ima repost it".

The tweet soon caught the attention of the three women who live in the house, who subsequently called the police. According to the residents, who have been living at that address for over a year as they attend college, they have no connection to Keef, and have no idea why they've been targeted.

Police have been monitoring the home since being notified of the potential vandalism, and while a few people have walked by and taken photos and video of the house, no one has attempted to deface it at this point.

Watch a news report on the situation below. Keef has reposted some photos fans took of the house, as well as joked about the cops being after him, but so far hasn't explained the original tweet (which, naturally, has been deleted). Was this all a mix up?