It goes without saying that Chief Keef has had himself a year. In and around all of the strong feature work he's done in 2017, he's managed to release four mixtapes of his own, including Two Zero One Seven, Thot BreakerThe W and, most recently, Dedication. The Chicago native is one of the fastest-rising names in rap and, recently, he got to sit down and chat it up with the legend himself, Snoop Dogg, in a new segment for the latter's recurring GGN News segments on YouTube.

Keef and Snoop begin the segment by indulging in a strong bit of weed, which the veteran rapper surprisingly has trouble getting through. Once the coughing (from Snoop) and the laughing (from Keef) dies down, the two chat about what it was like for the Chi-town rapper to get Kanye West, arguably the biggest name in music ever to hail from that city, on one of his records. The response was something of an awestruck one.

"I didn't think it was true," he said. "I don't really remember, but, somebody said I was trippin' though." It certainly was a dream come true for Chief Keef to work with Yeezy, especially since their collab, on "Don't Like," went down in 2012. That may not be the last high-profile feature we hear out of Keef's library since, as he explained to Snoop, he's got a ton of unreleased material just sitting in digital purgatory at his place.

"I've got computers on computers. Desktops on desktops. Four or five Mac desktops," he added, teasing his fans with the prospect of more independent song and/or mixtape drops to come, especially after he's done fulfilling his current record deal requirements.