Chief Keef may have Matrix dodged some bullets in outside of his hotel in Manhattan yesterday, but that doesn't mean he's about to go and tell his business to anybody else.

When TMZ caught up with Sosa yesterday at LAX airport, he didn't have much to say about the shooting. Instead, he opted to put a single finger to his lips, as a signifier that he's planning on settling things his own way.

His associate decides to deal with the paparazzi instead, telling him a simple street mantra of "Fuck the opps." It seems that, back in Chicago, they prefer to settle things themselves.

The authorities, meanwhile, are looking into the matter themselves. Not much is known about the suspects, though they are apparently searching for two men who appear to have been involved.

Of course, the number one suspect appears to be Tekashi 6ix9ine, who has been mocking and sending shots at Chief Keef ever since he decided to come to New York. When it was reported that Chief Keef had been shot at, 6ix9ine made an Instagram post with the caption, "No way..." He also danced to Keef's song Faneto, and reposted a video of the intro to Keef's Finally Rich album. Of course, none of that actually implies 6ix9ine in the shooting, and he says that we was in L.A. at the time, but he's definitely trying to provoke Keef on purpose.

Hopefully this doesn't lead to anyone getting killed or put in prison, but you never know with these things.