Over the weekend, the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl as they defeated the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 31-20. The celebrations have been a ton of fun for Chiefs fans and today, the parade is going on as we speak. While the parade was supposed to be a momentous occasion, it quickly devolved into chaos as the most unexpected event went down.

At one point, a random car broke through the parade barrier and started speeding on the parade route, in front of the float. Police immediately began chasing after the car and performed the pit maneuver in order to get the vehicle off the road. No one was hurt and eventually, the driver was arrested. As you can see in the videos below, the scene was quite intense.

Typically, parades are filled with antics but they're a lot more subdued than full-on police chases. Instead, fans come out to support their favorite team while partying in the streets. For now, no one knows why this car broke into the parade although we're sure we will find out soon enough. As for the Chiefs, we're sure they are just as confused as everyone else.

We're just glad no one got hurt.