In a new interview with FUSE, Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) spoke on his new album Because The Internet, his writing process, his perception of Kanye West and A$AP Rocky and more.Β 

'Bino claims to do the bulk of his writing in the morning. "I feel like I write best in the morning - I wrote 3005 in the morning... all the good songs where I'm like 'how did I even come up with that?' were probably remnants from dreams," he said. "'Cause you're closer to... not feeling the pressure of everything. I feel like when you first wake up you're still close to who you really are."Β 

The rapper/actor mentioned Rocky while discussing his insecurities. "I could never be A$AP Rocky. I could never be him 'cause [he has] just too much confidence in himself," he said. "It was funny, yesterday he kinda sneak dissed me but also gave me props but gave himself props at the same time. He was like, 'I know you want to be me, but it’s funny, 'cause I wanna be you.'"

As for Kanye, he had nothing but praise, and wants his new project to feel like an experience, much like 'Ye's work. "I don't think Kanye puts out records. He puts out whole things. Like there's projections and there's this show that goes with it, and there's this booklet that goes with it," he said. "He's like a prophet. He makes people want to be better."

Word. Because The Internet is slated to drop onΒ December 10. You can peep the full interview below.

[Via Complex]