Live from London, Donald Glover recently hopped on the phone with Big Boy and chopped it up for a lengthy 20-minute conversation on his radio show, where he talked about everything from his new album Awaken My Love, the lead single “Redbone,” success of Atlanta, working as “Lando” on the upcoming Hans Solo spin-off movie right now overseas, and more. But what caught our attention the most was his talk on his rumored project with Grammy-award winning artist Chance The Rapper.

When Big Boy asked Donald if we’d hear the rumored project, Donald joked that he doesn’t know if he’ll see Chance again now that he won a Grammy.

“I mean we definitely met up before, but I don't know if I'll see him again now that he’s won a Grammy,” before adding “we’ll see what happens, but naw yeah we actually like sat down in the studio & were talking for a little bit. I mean we’re both busy but I think when he has like a moment we’ve been just sitting down working together. Like I think it’s about catching a vibe.”

Donald then went on to praise Chance’s latest EP with Jeremih Merry Christmas Lil Mama, before going on to says that it’s all about trying to find the time that him & chance could work together.

“I just wanna hang out with him. I don't work with people over emails anymore. I don't think it makes for good work. We just have to find a time to sit down together.”

Listen to the full 20-minute interview (below) or fast forward to the 15:30 mark to hear the rumored ‘Bino x Chano talk.