Childish Gambino "Sober" Video

Rose Lilah
January 09, 2015 09:27

Watch the new music video for Childish Gambino's "Sober."

Childish Gambino is never one to slack on the visual front, he always comes up with interesting concepts that keep you hooked. Today he drops off a new music video for "Sober" from his KAUAI EP, and it's no different.

We start out in a diner with a girl clicking away on her phone, and Gambino (drunkenly?) wanders over, mimicking the lyrics of the record with hand gestures-- soon enough he's scared away the girl though, and proceeds to bust some dance moves. Then, as if things weren't weird enough, shit gets even stranger, like a dove flies out from under Gambino's cardigan. He's just so high. Eventually the girl gets into it, and even does a few dance moves herself before picking up her food.

Watch the video above. If you haven't heard STN MTN yet, head here.

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