Childish Gambino dropped a new leak earlier today, which coincided with an interview on The Breakfast Club. The rapper is gearing up for a December 10th release date forBecause The Internet, and has started on the promo tip already. 

During his interview with Charlmagne Tha God, DJ Envy & Angela Yee, the rapper touches on his upcoming already-anticipated album, as well as his minor beef with Lupe Fiasco, and they also have a broader discussion of how the internet has affected changes in how we do things-- from bullying to listening to music.

Childish talks about the time Lupe "sneak dissed" him this past summer. During a conversation with Lupe and @LupeFiascoStore on Twitter, the latter mentioned that Lupe should do a collaboration with Donald Glover. Lupe's response was, "Nah, I don't work with blacks."

"He sneak dissed me. I'm a Lupe fan to an extent," Childish said during the interview. "He kinda sneak dissed me like, he said, 'I don't work with black people I work with n-words.' I got what he was saying, I understood, but it was a sneak diss. I was like 'ok, Ima just come at you with what Chief Keef said to you a month ago.'"

The conversation soon turned to Because The Internet. In a series of Instagram posts, Childish revealed recently that his label was not on board with a December release, nonetheless, it happened.

He explained how his fans and Ricky Rozay made it possible, "The fans made sure that happened. Also a little bit, Rick Ross coming out the same time helped. People said don't put an album out in December, no one does that. I think it's the best time, 'cause kids have all the Christmas money, they home from school."

He added, "This album's not a rap album...Sit's a screenplay that comes with it."

Later on, Childish continued to explain how it won't be your average album. "I don't see my album as an album. It comes with a bunch of stuff. I wanna make experiences. 'Cause an album, you can just rip it. 'Oh it's like eleven good songs, Ill rip it, listen to it, and not care about it later.'"

The comedian then related that to Drake's new album Nothing Was The Same. "There was so much hype about Drake's album, and everybody was really excited, and I listened to it, and I was like this is a good album. But it felt like it was here and gone, 'cause people were just like 'oh, I listened to it, I did the thing I was supposed to do, and now I'm done.'"

Check out the full interview below, where Childish also talks about his love for Kanye West.