Childish Gambino blessed Hot 97's Summer Jam Festival stage this past weekend, and following his set he spoke to our host Ashlee Ray about his performance inside the Beats By Dre press tent, his collaboration with Riff Raff which lives on Neon Icon, being independent and more.

"It's amazing. All my fans were kinda in the front, and everybody else behind was just kinda like, what is this? But I think that's the best part, I'm at Summer Jam, you can't really beat it. It's like the mecca of summer hip-hop festivals," the rapper-slash-comedian said of his SJ debut.

As for his relationship with Riff Raff, Childish reveals the two have yet to really hang out although they talk a lot. "We talk a lot, we text a lot. And he's supposed to come to a couple parties but he's always moving. I saw him at one of the awards show, and we did a show together in Texas. But we haven't really hung...I dunno if he's entirely real...I've never shook his hand."

Childish goes on to explain how he got on a Riff Raff record (listen to "Lava Glaciers" here) in the first place. "Harry Fraud," he says. "I fuck with Harry Fraud and his beats and stuff. We kinda met through him, he sent me that beat, I was like I like this beat. Fucked with it for a little bit, wrote that, pretty fast, and that was it."

Finally he adds some final thoughts on Jody High Roller's polarizing character, "He's divisive. I feel like he's a lot like me, he splits people in two, it's interesting."

Catch the full interview below, and check out our Summer Jam photo gallery here.