Andre 3000 and Big Boi are reuniting for an upcoming tour and it has people talking about the influence of the legendary hip hop group.  Prepping for the release of his new album because the internet, Childish Gambino talked about Andre 3000 in an interview and how he influenced him, and other rappers.

Although Gambino grew up in the ATL, he says not many people were aware of Outkast's early stuff, but for him 'Dre was always a big influence on him musically. "He's Andre, he's Andre 3000; he's probably one of the best,. But also, he holds a special place. I grew up in Atlanta," Childish continues, "And it's weird, when I went to college, people were like, 'Have you ever heard of OutKast?' and I'm like, 'Yeah, they're four records in.' People didn't know. They were always around, and they never quite fit the Atlanta scene."

For the because the internet rapper, Andre 3000 did more than just put an imprint on rappers in Georgia, but from all over.  He goes onto to say that even if rappers aren't consciously aware, they were influenced by the Outkast rapper, including Compton's Kendrick Lamar, "A lot of the tracks, I feel, were influenced by that kind of stuff, even unconsciously, because I never tried to go after that sound, but you listen to Kendrick, too, you can see how he's a little influenced by it."