Sabrina The Teenage Witch is a classic. The show was a big hit in the 90's and when it was announced to be rebooting, we weren't too sure which direction they would go. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has been an incredible streaming success so far with many sharing their rave reviews for the product. The trailer got people excited but the entire series is pretty binge-worthy. One group that wasn't entirely feeling the reboot has spoken out about their displeasure, taking legal action against the producers of the Netflix series.

The Satanic Temple (the same one that Lil Uzi Vert probably visits once per week) is reportedly suing Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for the show's use of a statue that violates their copyright. According to Indiewire, the statue is of Baphomet, who is described as a "goat-like deity that has made its way into the iconography of various groups affiliated with Satanism." If you've seen any death metal album cover ever, you'll recognize the depiction right away. 

The Satanic Temple has issued a statement on the suit, writing, "The show’s creators did not utilize a generic Sabbatic goat that is commonly used in many occult circles, such as the image created by Eliphas Levi, but instead created an identical and easily identifiable replica of TST’s statue." Hopefully, this all gets sorted out because it has the potential to get pretty messy. You don't want the devil to get involved in your lawsuits.