The chaos surrounding the vicious murder of Nipsey Hussle is beginning to subside as mourners continue to grieve and celebrate the life and legacy of the rapper. Brooklyn-born rapper and former gang member China Mac rocked him "prolific" pullover as he sat down with Vlad TV to discuss Nipsey's death and the impact it's had on hip hop and pop culture. 

There's no mistaking that Nipsey has gone from an independent rap star to a household name, but unfortunately, it was his death that made millions aware of who he was as a businessman, philanthropist, and community leader. According to China Mac, Nipsey's death is one of the most significant moments in history and it's reverberated globally and brought people into a higher vibration.

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

"That's crazy," he says of the Staples Center maxing out tickets for Nipsey's funeral. "Because of that, I say his death was more powerful than say, Malcolm X. It was more profound. 'Cause you just look at...when Malcolm X died, it wasn't really much. A lot of people was hurt. A lot of people loved Malcolm but it wasn't...when Nipsey died he's selling out the stadium. You got the ex-President saying something. You have gangs unifying. You got people from all over the world traveling to the place where he got murdered at and showing love."

"I just feel like Nipsey's death...I just feel like it's a's powerful and it's great for our generation to see something like that," he said. "Because the last person to have that type of effect was a Malcolm or a Martin [Luther King, Jr.]. And that was a long time ago. So for somebody to stand for something positive and stand for the community and to have this happen..." he expressed as his thoughts trailed off.

"Like I said, I feel like yo, it's a sad thing," he continued. "Nobody wants to see anybody go. It's always sad when it happens like that, but at the same time, I feel like that it was powerful. I feel like...he's the type of person that if he could choose, if he could have made a decision [to] end like this but you make this type of impact and you make this type of movement, or you just don't do nothing and you end like this, you live a longer life and whatever. I don't know him, but I would think he would make the choice like, 'Aight, I'mma go like this.' Like a martyr."

China Mac goes on to say that now Nipsey's message is "loud and clear" and will continue to have a lasting impact on communities, artists, and fans worldwide. Watch his entire message below.