The Kevin Durant and Chris Broussard beef is the NBA feud absolutely nobody asked for. Despite this, it has somehow become one of the biggest stories in sports over the last few days, with the FS1 analyst and Golden State Warriors superstar going back and forth on Twitter. It all started when Broussard said it would be KD's worst nightmare if the Warriors won a championship without him. Durant clapped back at Broussard for that on Twitter which led the NBA reporter to speak about the situation on Undisputed yesterday. Broussard claims to have had text conversations with Durant, who hopped on Twitter again to say Broussard doesn't even have his number.

Last night, the FS1 journalist posted a video on Twitter where he says they actually messaged each other on Instagram and Twitter, with these conversations lasting up to five hours on three separate occasions. To further his point, Broussard was on Undisputed again today and claimed that Durant is a liar and that he would never make up a lie to mess up his integrity. In fact, Broussard asked FS1 to fire him if they can prove that he made up the story.

"KD has every right to get on social media and clapback. What he doesn't have a right to do is lie," Broussard said. "If anybody can prove that I was lying yesterday, then fire me. Don't let me set foot in this building again."

So far, Durant has yet to respond to the allegations that he lied, although we're sure something is coming soon. Perhaps this time the words will be coming from a burner account. What a shame that would be.