Despite the 45-song tracklist, Chris Brown did not experience the success he's used to with his singles from Heartbreak on a Full Moon. With so many chart hits over the years in "Run It!," "With You," "Loyal," "Look At Me Now," and countless others, HBOAFM did not produce any top 40 magic for radio stations to overplay. While Chris certainly still has the potential to create longstanding chart-toppers, the controversy in his career has turned a good number of people off of him. That said, it looks like Breezy is preparing his next chart takeover by way of his collaboration with Agnez Mo because, from the sounds of it, "Overdose" is an absolute smash.

It should be released very soon but for now, we only have teasers to hold us over. One of Chris Brown's artists, Agnez Mo, shared a section of the song recently for fans to view and the mix of their voices together sounds like a match made in heaven. Hopefully, the finished product sounds as good as the teaser Agnez posted because if so, this track has the potential to do numbers on the charts.

Both singers have been rumored to be in a relationship since last year but with Chris and Ammika Harris claiming each other on Instagram last month, the talk of their supposed coupledom has died down. Regardless of their romantic connection to each other, they sound damn good together and have hopefully made a few more tracks to complement "Overdose."